Shvun Dxn And Myth Syzer Take You To Blackland

The waited-on project from Myth Syzer and Raider Klan’s Shvun Dxn (Shaun Don) was released three days ago as a sponsored mixtape on Datpiff. Stairway To Blackland encapsulates perhaps the essence of what the SpaceGhostPurrp-lead underground collective has been projecting onto hip-hop in its more popular/recognized form. That, it seems, is the appropriation of both a retro visual and (more importantly) sonic aesthetic and converting it into something attractive to counter the types of hip-hop that are more recognized today. Lyrical flows popularized by Bone Thugs and screwy production that fits the sound of early southern rap constitute the material outputted by the Klan generally and this mixtape specifically. The stairway to Blackland is most likely leading downwards, and the sentiment conveyed by Shvun – as well as the other unique-charactered Klan spitters – and also the equally slept on producer in Myth Syzer is that they don’t give a fuck. I think that’s what makes the sound work.

Hit the jump to hear some stand out tracks. Download Stairway To Blackland for free here.



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