Braqueberry – ‘Wemen’

Toronto-based label Brilliantine recently played host to a new EP from producer Braqueberry (also out of Toronto) entitled Wemen. A1, “Blaque Won”, features utopian melodies, which are juxtaposed with the rather dystopian sounds that propel them. What’s prominent on the opening track, and perhaps the main reason behind the malevolence of sound, is the low slung, distended synth line which breaks only for a short time in certain parts throughout the track. On the flipside is “Blonde Won”, less noisy and less abstract sounding than its counterpart and definitely more danceable due to more percussion use. Jersey club runner MikeQ and Divoli S’vere throw vogue sensibilities on “Blaque Won”, while Ghosts On Tape takes on “Blonde Won” turning it into an undeniably tech-house banger. Regarding both the produder and the label, my eyes are peeled and calendar ready for notes after listening to this release. Stream Wemen in full below and also check out the visuals for the opening track.



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