Stream Two New Tracks From M|O|D’s Rewrote

The successful thing the M|O|D clique has going for them is that, heard together, the five producers are sonically situated in various club accessible genres, forming a spectrum of bass music that I and apparently a lot others look back upon as one of the most eclectic listens in the recent year. I say “were” because their latest group projects in the PENG series came to an end with the third volume. Whether or not the group will release something collectively in the near future or not, today the focus is on Rewrote. The Brooklyn transplant originally residing in Boston comes usually with dark undertones, noticeably more sinister sounding when compared to his other four friends. We’ve been able to get a peak at where his latest path might be leading to with two new streams, entitled “Assault”, and “Assault (Pt. II)”, two thick, murky cuts dubbed on Soundcloud as “Cover Of Darkness”. The two of them can easily be associated with the en-vogue club/techno mutant chic that has been put forth by (for an appropriate instance) most of the Night Slugs / Fade To Mind frequents. If there’s a full EP in the works of this stuff, I’ll be happy to say the least.



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