FKi & Dj Sliink – “Amdam IV”

It’s no secret that Sliink can turn a party up, and it’s most often and likely with the club sounds extracted and spread gloriously from his home base of Newark, New Jersey. I myself have yet to enjoy a live show from the man, aside from his Boiler Room set last year, which is why I speak hypothetically. And while one has to figure that the people at said exclusive events are well acquainted with Jersey club as a genre, there has to be more that aren’t so at any leg of a Flosstradamus tour. The point here is Sliink’s versatility, as his most recent output is a hip-hop, explicitly trap oriented product catered for Atlanta duo FKi, who are known for production competence themselves most recognized on Jeremih’s “Fuck U All The Time”, but who are heard hyphyly rapping on “Amdam IV”. Sliink’s beat is a booming 808-filled mold for the changing cadences of the rap duo, and one that makes me wonder why Sliink doesn’t engage a little more in rap production. Stream and download the song below.



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