Obey City Remixes Mr. MFN eXquire’s “Illest Ni–az Breathin’”

Brooklyn rapper and purveyor of ratchet artistry Mr. MFN eXquire has recently released an anticipated single, “Illest Ni–az Breathin”, as he prepares to release his upcoming mixtape Kismet due out next month. The single apparently has been a crowd favorite for about a year now at his live performances but hasn’t come to be released properly until last week due to sample clearance issues, and you will probably be able to pick out what exactly was problematic after listening to the original. Along with the bonus instrumental and acapella versions, the singe is bundled with three remixes, one of which—spotlighted here—comes courtesy of LuckyMe mate and Astro Nautico boss Obey City. While the original might seem intrusive from the assertive subject matter alone, the horror-scored beat that backs it only makes it colder, but this emotion is converted by the Brooklyn producer. If the “oh!’ stamp proves to be unrecognizable to you, the sunraying synth that washes over the song points to a style triumphantly inhabited by Obey and is the sole element, aside from slight vocal pitch alteration, that makes eXquire seems less pushy.



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