Jimmy Edgar – “Hot Inside”

Detroit to Berlin transplant Jimmy Edgar’s new EP Hot Inside will drop on June 10th, and it will inaugurate his newly founded label, in collaboration with an equal of an electronic stalwart Machinedrum, dubbed Ultramajic. I may have been learning how to tie my shoes when either of these artist’s music career began, but Edgar’s skill as a producer is well deserving of the history lesson that I have just put myself through for the past hour and the new EP sounds like it will prove this further; anyway catching up is sometimes the best part of interacting with the tunes. The 90s dance floor aspirant, techno grooving title track to Hot Inside, which Edgar freed up for a complete stream yesterday, flaunts a yowling diva sample, almost never constant, house-leaning percussion syncopation, and a room-filling low end of thumping kicks. Stream the track below and have your calendars ready for more Ultramajic releases.


  1. What’s it take to become a sublime exuopnder of prose like yourself?

  2. Thanks Janine! Indeed, multitasking is probably one of the hardest tasks to perfect, but once perfected becomes one of the most important skills we have. If I couldn’t multitask, I’d never get anything done. The only time I don’t multitask is when I have a headache, and that’s just because it hurts too much lol!


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