Kings – ‘The Beat Tape’

Beat tunes. I think we all need to parcel out some space for them in our music collections from time to time, even if you normally pledge allegiance to only a few genres, am I right? U.K.-dwelling vibe manufacturer Kings is markedly “away from it all” with reference to where beat music most commonly resonates, like L.A. (a scene that you can learn more about by watching a recent documentary), Montreal, or perhaps in select cities along the East Coast. But space isn’t gonna stop Swindon’s Kings from getting in touch with his inner Ta-Ku, and not withstanding a few duds, his 19-track debut album soberly titled The Beat Tape is highly impressive and does a great job conveying what he’s been about over the years. As a past frequent of L.A. label Soulection, there’s always going to be a sense of expectedness when arriving at his releases (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but the man is able to keep things stirring with interesting 808 patterns and all kinds of synth. This isn’t Kings’ first walk around the head-nodding block, but it’s one that will hopefully get more noticed. My picks from the album are below.



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