Bongiovanni & Compton Chic Collaborate On “Never Felt So Right”

Booty Bakery colleagues Bongiovanni (pictured above) and Compton Chic have recently met minds for a new little something. “Never Felt So Right”, patiently sounding of with slow grooves and just enough percussive direction to answer the tropical underlay and (in this instance) very apt vocal cut arrives as one-off that prompts a lot of “what if?” with regards to future collabs. The two producers and residents of the same aforementioned Montreal-based party are situated at slightly different sonic divides along the electronic spectrum—Bongiovanni usually on some variety of house inspiration, and Chic most often intrigued by phased R&B production—but the track forms into something very appropriate of their considered differences, and I guess you are somewhat forced to say that both of the producer’s styles are club-aspirant. If that sample isn’t the same exact one Lockah used on his release of that neon shit a little while back for Donky Pitch, I can’t help but to be reminded of it.

Download the track here.



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