Felix Snow Mix For Speedy & Slow-Mo

I’ve been attuned to the sounds of Felix Snow ever since hearing his productions on SZA’s S EP in April, on which he was responsible for a few R&B-conducive beats that the songstress worked over and above on. More recently the NYC producer has appeared on reputable rapper Deniro Farrar’s debut album, turning in one of the better beats on The Patriarch 2 on “Feel Right.” Gratefully, I was able to get the mastermind to turn in an exclusive mix for Speedy & Slow-Mo…but don’t look forward to gliding R&B or swaying rap products, and even more so don’t look forward to them being effortlessly interwoven. If you have dude on Soundcloud (which at this point should go without saying) than you have real-eyes’d his increasing propensity for dance tunes. Below you’ll find 30 retrofitted minutes of what Snow has dubbed “cassette house”: a selection of original house tracks with only a couple coming from others (and a couple of unreleased joints towards the end ;)) that were recorded to cassette. So throw the windows down in whatever you’re pushing and put this mix in—and that’s the CD drive, or your smartphone. Enjoy!!


Felix Snow – Tokyo At Nite
Dj Hawaii – I Keep Tryin’ To Convince Myself
Felix Snow – Talk Dirty To Me
Spaceghost – Falty
Felix Snow – Forever
Felix Snow – Undercover
Felix Snow – ???
Felix Snow – ???



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